OUYA: A new kind of console;


With the stagnation of the console gaming industry over the last several years, I’m not surprised some people decided to get together and make a new console. PC game sales have grown by more than 200% over the last year, and Consoles are seeing drops in both hardware and software sales. I’m especially not surprised that in a situation where hardware is advanced enough that we have phones more powerful than a computer of less than a decade ago that a console based on mobile processing technology can offer everything that OUYA does.

After a few years of what seems to be re-skins of the same games coming from all developers, and with few exceptions all the AAA titles of the year being sequels to last years AAA titles, gaming is getting kind of boring.
Activision turned Call of Duty from an inspired FPS to a repetitive, uninspired and under-polished cash cow, EA looks to be doing the same thing with Battlefield and Medal of Honor, and Ubisoft has what the Assassins Creed series has become since Ezio took over for Altair. (Yes, I am a firm believer that the first game was the best. Mainly because it wasn’t a monetized franchise yet and got the care and attention it deserved from its developers in story, gameplay polish, narrative presentation, etc).
But I digress.

That is a rant for another time.

I cant help but feel that the designers of OUYA are in the same boat I am.
Sick of the repetition, sick of the price, sick of the lack of advances in gaming hardware and graphics, sick of the same crap being put in a new wrapper and shipped as a different kind of crap, and sick of the advertising budget for a game being bigger than the development budget.

However, among all the agreement I have with the project, I have some serious reservations.

The first one is price.
OUYA is marketed as being a $100 console, and when I look at the hardware in it, i’m not sure that’s possible initially, let alone sustainable indefinitely.

It is powered by a Tegra3 Quad Core processor, which means it’s right alongside or a little ahead of the PSVita in terms of power, which is impressive, but makes me question the cost per unit. Nvidia tech isnt cheap, and Tegra3 sure as hell isn’t for budget conscious consumers.
It has 8GB of internal flash memory, which isn’t cheap. If I’m not mistaken in December of last year 4GB of flash memory was roughly $20 through a Factory OEM supply channel. It cant have gone down much from there since.

And all of the other features and hardware I see on it also rings bells for me. The console looks like it costs $100 to build.
Granted, the iPhone 4S only costs apple a little over $200 to manufacture, so I may be wildly off.

I realize the most expensive part of a console is the hardware R&D and the Software Development, and because OUYA is using Android 4.0 they save money on software, but the hardware in the thing is still pretty expensive unless they are cutting corners we cant know about. Which I doubt.

The second reservation is actually the developers and hardware.
OUYA is powerful, but I don’t think it is powerful enough to compete with the mainstream consoles or even a low power Home Theater PC. Tegra3 is a fantastic architecture that was developed specifically by nvidia for mobile computing, but it doesn’t have the horsepower to duke it out with the PS3 or 360.
And I wonder if there will be enough developers(especially talented ones) who develop for OUYA.

That seems like a silly worry when android is open source and anyone can develop for it, but if OUYA isn’t careful that fact will be a hindrance. If anyone can make a game, the market becomes flooded with crap and its almost more trouble than its worth to find good product in the sea of bad.

What worries me is that nobody has ever tried this before(which is not a death sentence for the project on its own), especially for what seems like a loss on every console, and I just don’t see it working. Ill probably buy one as a Media Box, and casual gamers will probably find OUYA to be an amazing platform to play games on, but I really don’t see it getting anywhere out of the casual market.

And that is the point. Its an Indie console for Indie Devs, not a PS3/360 killer.
I wish them all the best of luck. It is a really cool project, and I hope it succeeds.
But its going to be an uphill battle all the way.

For me? At the end of the day, I will always go back to my computer.
Cell and a gimped 7800GTX(PS3), a gimped 3 core POWERPC processor and a gimped X1800(Xbox360), and Tegra 3(OUYA/Many high end tablets) cant compete with an i7-2600k @ 4.5GHz, a GTX480 @ 850MHz, 8Gigs of DDR3 1866, and an SSD, and until they can, I will be a PC gamer first and a console gamer second.



Square Enix has announced it will release Final Fantasy III as a launch title for the Ouya console in March 2013. In a translated statement released by the gaming giant, Square Enix states they will also provide future content as well.

Ouya has been blowing up on Kickstarter amassing over $5.8 million with 8 days to go in its fundraising campaign. Also Ouya has partnered with the cloud gaming company OnLive meaning hundred’s of titles offered from that service will be available to Ouya owners upon launch. (As reported by our friends at FYFPS).

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Borderlands 9 TOES.
also he has 3 balls


Borderlands 9 TOES.

also he has 3 balls

last weekend of Guild Wars 2 Beta….


i love the last 2 races they let you play. one is basically the gnomes from any fantasy mmo, yet they look like someone feed a gremlin and they became civilized ( ill post a picture later) known as Asura. you know how in WoW the gnomes were very steampunkish with all the clock work style mecha. well the Asura quickly depart from that and more crystal, geometric, mathematical. im hoping playing the engineer class helps you make your own mecha, which are called Golems. then there is this plant/humanoid race,the Sylvari, that i love purely for the customization. they’re the only ones that have ever color to chose from to make them. where as everyone else is flesh tones and fur colors. they, being a plant, come in all different colors just like a garden. the other thing i love so far apart the Sylvari is that they gave you “hair” choices to look like humanish hair, but they have that leaf/tree limb look to it. idk its just some new so i like it. and on this last weekend i figured id try a different class than what im use to, that being hunter/pallidons/warrior, and tried out a Mezmer, which is basically a caster that does alot of psychic abilities like illusions and shit. im not fond of these types mainly cause they dont get into the action. give me a minute here to set the stage for dramatic effect *cough cough* HOLY SHIT WAS I WRONG! they can use swords,pistols, and spear along with the usual wand and staff. the pistol/wand combo is ungodly. the sword/pistol is more up up close im gonna fuck your face off fighting. the staff is typical but still able to take on 3 or 4 enemies. so yeah im loving this game so much. cant wait for it to come out. 

*keep your eyes out on my full Review of the game when it comes out on August 28, 2012 only on WinLossGaming*

*reblogged due to it not showing the whole thing. sry.


Injustice: Gods Among Us Comic-Con 2012 Gameplay Demo

so just announced at comic-con on xplay by Ed Boon was at Cyborg and Nightwing will be playable characters in the upcoming DC fighting game. personally ive always thought flash was a bit of bitch. weeellll maybe not so much. i mean did you see what the hell he was doing to the boy wonder in the demo. Badass! bottom line this game looks Amazing.  




OUYA: bring android gaming to the tv……

first off the specs if the system:

  • Tegra3 quad-core processor 
  • 1GB RAM 
  • 8GB of internal flash storage
  • HDMI connection to the TV, with support for up to 1080p HD 
  • WiFi 802.11 b/g/n 
  • Bluetooth LE 4.0 
  • USB 2.0 (one) 
  • Wireless controller with standard controls (two analog sticks, d-pad, eight action buttons, a system button), a touchpad 
  • Android 4.0 (ice cream sandwich)

if all they’re aiming at is bring android gaming to the tv then i think this can do it. the storage is a little iffy to me. but this is just the purposed idea. a few other points that should made is that they’re openly ok with hackers modding the console. and they already have backing from twitch tv and a minecraft port. with over 1.5 million raised, it doesnt seem like this is a shit investment.

i like they mention that they’re working in the controller a lot. because if you’ve ever tried b.s. knock off controllers you just feel like you don’t have that much control. 

 none the less if you like indie gaming. or love android. or hell just want a new system this should be on your most help out list. if want some more info or even wanna help out on the kickstarter go here


there seems to be a leak in the VALVE’s of STEAM….

Reddit user discovered a number of entries in the Open SteamWorks CDR database which list several bundles, these listings are marked as “summer sale indie bundles.”

my only thing about this is. is it real. im pretty sure this isnt the full list if it is. but none the less here is the list that was found:

Indie bundles:

  • Day 1: Anomaly Warzone Earth, The Baconing, Cave Story+, EDGE, Lone Survivor.
  • Day 2: Botanicula, E.Y.E, Oil Rush, Splice, Universe Sandbox.
  • Day 3: Bit Trip Beat, Braid, Bunch of Heroes, Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet, Runespell Overture.
  • Day 4: A Valley Without Wind, Atom Zombie Smasher, Blocks that Matter, Sanctum, Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP.
  • Day 5: Audio Surf, Gemini Rue, Greed Corp, Tiny Bang Story, Ys: The Oath in Felghana.
  • Day 6: Awesome, Defcon, Space Chem, Ticket to Ride, Trauma.
  • Day 7: Avadon, Dungeons of Dredmor, Qube, Vessel, Zombie Driver.
  • Day 8: Demolition Inc, Hoard, Sol Exodus, Swords and Soldiers HD, Wings of Prey.
  • Day 9: Capsized, Jamestown, Revenge of the Titans, VVVVVV, Zeno Clash.
  • Day 10: All Zombies Must Die, Beat Hazard, Bit trip Runner, Eufloria, Machinarium.
  • Day 11: Hydrophobia, Orion: Dino Beatdown, Star Ruler, Waveform, World of Goo

Other bundles:

  • 1C Collection Pack
  • Adam’s Venture Complete Bundle Retail
  • Anno 2070 Pack
  • Batman Arkham Asylum, Batman Arkham City and Batman Gotham City Imposters Bundle
  • Bethesda Collection (BRINK, Fallout New Vegas, Skyrim, Hunted)
  • Bioshock Franchise Pack
  • BIT.TRIP.BEAT Bundle
  • Carpe Fulger Bundle (Recettear: An Item Shop’s Tale, Chantelise, Fortune Summoners)
  • Civilization Collection
  • Command and Conquer Franchise
  • Dawn of War Franchise Pack
  • Dead Island Complete
  • Duke Nukem Bundle
  • Foreign Legion Bundle
  • Kalypso Collection (Tropico, Jagged Alliance, Airline Tycoon, etc)
  • Majesty Franchise
  • Paradox Collection (Magicka + dlcs, Mount and Blade, etc)
  • Pendulo Adventure Pack
  • Railworks 3 – Summer Sale Collection
  • Red Orchestra Franchise Pack (ROW)
  • S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Bundle
  • Saints Row: The Third Franchise Pack
  • Sniper Elite Franchise Pack
  • Square Hit Collection (Hitman, Tomb Raider, Just Cause 2, Deus Ex, Deus Ex
  • Human Revolution, Quantum Conundrum, Thief)
  • Stardock Collection Pack
  • Strategy First Complete Pack
  • Sword of the Stars Franchise
  • THQ Collection (Dawn of War, Warhammer, Stalker, Nexuiz, Darksiders, Metro 2033, etc)
  • Total War: Shogun 2 Pack
  • Victoria Franchise
  • Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine Pack
  • Wings of Prey


Dishonored - Golden Cat Demo (Violent) (by SCRAWLfx)

after watching the stealth version of this i was wondering how brutal this game could be. lets just say youll be very satisfied by this. one thing i like straight off is that no one can have all the powers. that makes for more replayability and more focus on what youre trying to go for. all in all this game is in top games to wanna play. it comes out on PS3,XBOX 360 and PC October 11.

Dishonored - Golden Cat Demo (Stealth) (by SCRAWLfx)

i swear this game keeps getting better and better. i felt engaged in the game from watching this walkthrough, so i definitely cant wait for the game. 

WWE ‘13 gameplay

Just so you guys know. some of the win loss gamers are pretty huge wrestling fans. so i know they’re gonna love this new game. i like the attitude mode personally. it finally puts back in the day when i watched religiously. cheak it out it October 30, 2012.